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Our Garden

custom-made vegetables and herbs

Example Frame

Projects coming up!

Fresh Vegetables

Organically grown vegetables for local people

Something Different

Can not find it at super market? I will grow it!

Taste it

"Taste Good" is important for me more than "easy to grow" or "cheap to grow".

Saving Seeds

Why don't we start creating more Canadian heirlooms?

From The Blog

When You Wish upon a Star

On July 7th, I am sure a lot of kids in my country are making wish upon a star. It was cloudy this morning, but the sun was shining later […]

Happy Canada Day !!

When I started this blog, I could not post very often because I did not have enough things to say. Now, there are so many things I would like to […]


Blog "When You Make Wish upon a Star" posted, July 7th. / Blog 'Happy Canada Day !!' posted, July 1st.
coming soon..
coming soon...